Kaliskie Zrzeszenie Producentów Owoców i Warzyw
KALSAD Sprzedaz owoców i warzyw
Zrzeszenie Producentów Owoców i Warzyw
oferta owoce i warzywa owoce kalisz

about us

Kalisk Fruit Producers Union 'KALSAD' was founded in 2003 on the initiative of several growers from the south of Wielkopolska region.


We offer the highest quality fruit, mainly apples of many varieties, as well as pears, cherries, plums and cherries...


According with the client’s wish, fruit are packaged in single- and double-layered cardboard boxes, plastic boxes or plastic bags.


Cooperating with each other and using our rich experience, we aim at effectively organization of the sale process, distribution and promotion of the fruit and vegetables produced in our farms.
KALSAD - Kalisz